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Dr. Stephanie Smigiel



Dr. Stephanie Smigiel is the owner and coach of Spectrum Driving. Also, she is a licensed professional counselor in Pa working with individuals with autism and related disorders. 

She created this program after working with an individual with autism who told her she wanted to drive but thought it would be impossible because of diagnosis. Stephanie did not believe a diagnosis should stop anyone. She turned into a passion to learn about autism and driving. In 2020 she published her dissertation, Learning to Drive with Autism; A Quantitative Study. Since graduating from Robert Morris University she has continued to reach and developed Spectrum Driving.  

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family including her furbabies Alice and Cooper. 

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Testimonials //
  • “I never thought my child could drive until we met Stephanie"



Parent of Child on Autism Spectrum.



  • “I was anxious, I failed the written test twice prior to meeting Stephanie, after I felt confident in my ability


Individual with Autism Spectrum.



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