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Answers to your questions

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  • Are classes in person or virtual?
    Simulation and Class packages are in person. There is one virtual group offered. Individual classes maybe scheduled in person or online
  • Do I need a dianosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder?
    You do not need a formal dianosis. A questionaire will be asked to be completed prior to beginning a group to determine behavioral funcitoning level.
  • Does my insurance cover this service?
    This time time, services are only private pay.
  • Will I recieve my driver lisence after?
    Specturm Driving does not grantee individuals will obtain their driver lisence or premit, increase postive driving behavior, or prevent accidents.
  • Do You have Payment Plans?
    Reserve your spot for $50 dollars. The reminder is due at time of service. Contact Stephani e to dicuss payment plans.
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