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Coaching and Empowering Individuals to
Drive to New Horizons 

About Us

Spectrum Driving is for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related disorders such as but not limited to ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and etc. 

  • Improves up to 80% of driving performance on simulations.

  • Prepares individuals to pass the permit exam.

  • Role play how to respond police officers in a traffic stops. 

  • Feel confident behind the wheel. 

Spectrum Driving is a coaching and exposure experience for individuals to learn to mange anxiety, learning beginning driving theory, and exposure to driving though simulations and individual or group coaching sessions. 

Best suited for individuals who are in the beginning stage of wanting or learning to drive. Individuals who already have their license, this may not meet your needs. 

This program does not guarantee a drivers permit or license. In addition, this program does not guarantee safe driving behavior. 

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